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Researching the impact of deportation on asylum seeking and migrant communities from Mexico and Guatemala. 
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Risk. Resistance.

Rights. Responsibilities. 

Life Facing Deportation investigates the effects of US immigration policies on asylum-seekers and transit migrants who are contained in, forcibly returned to or at risk of return to Mexico and Guatemala as a result of third country asylum processing agreements. It explores how they and their families experience risk and insecurity as well as how they navigate and mitigate the effects of such policies.

The project seeks to answer the following questions:


  • In what ways have policies of separation and deportation affected the wellbeing of children, parents and other family members in Mexico and Guatemala and the US?

  • What have been the impact on wellbeing of other ‘safe’ third country and off-shore processing arrangements for asylum-seekers and migrants?

  • How do forcibly returned (or at risk of return) migrants navigate experiences or the threat of detention and deportation?

  • How can humanitarian actors, relief agencies and civil society enhance the protection of asylum-seekers and transit migrants in Mexico, Guatemala and the US through advocacy and strategic litigation?

Pictured left: 
Trump seras el que enciende el fuego de la Resistencia de los pueblos.
‘Trump, you’ll be the one to light the fire of resistance in people’.  

Image by Martha Victoria Ríos Infante

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